Thermal insulation

PVC with a 6-chamber profile, frame depth 76 mm and sash 80 mm and glass thicknesses from 12 mm to 48 mm.
– Thermal insulation: Uf = 1.20 W / m2K
– Thermal insulation: Uf = 1.00 W / m2K with thermal reinforcement on the frame

Excellent acoustics

In the noisy modern world, it is essential to enjoy isolated acoustics in your home and work environment. The door and window seals of this system offer better sound insulation than hand-threaded seals.
The insulating properties of PVC and the multi-chamber construction of the profiles become the best choice for environments where excellent sound insulation is required (for example, areas with high road traffic, near airports and other highly noisy areas).

Natural airing

Isolated houses require special attention to ensure proper ventilation.
The system is fully compatible with all tilt and turn systems and micro ventilation, in order to reduce odors, allergies, condensation, surface mold …


The ELEGANT LUX series has 3 stop gaskets.


The glass used complies with the safety and insulation standards required by the legislation: Double-glazed safety (laminated) low-emission and Argon gas and warm edge glass as standard. Four-season glass (4S) as an option. The profiles ensure the insertion of triple-glazing for more insulating glass.


The perimeter shutter / tilt-and-turn hardware system (belt) of high quality standards is used, ensuring safety (anti-burglary and solidity), comfort in use and durability.


Air permeability: 4
Water tightness under static pressure: E900A
Wind load resistance: C3
(Test reports according to UNI EN 1026 \ 1027 \ 12211)
Thermal transmittance: Uw = 1.31 W / mqK
(The test was performed on a window with 2 sashes: L 1250 x H 1500 mm with glass value Ug = 1)



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