Thermal insulation

This product optimizes the excellent insulating properties of PVC with 6 chambers for the frame and 7 chambers for the sash and three gaskets.
A frames with a depth of 76 mm, 85 mm and 90 mm, which support a single door with a depth of 85 mm, and glass thickness up to 54 mm. Thermal insulation: Uf = 0.88 W / m2K with thermal reinforcement.


Adaptable to all types of homes, it adapts perfectly to traditional and modern environments.
THERMOFIBRA is the perfect window. It offers design, a wide range of colors and high thermal performance.

Comfort, safety, simplicity, strength.

The THERMOFIBRA system has the best results in thermal and acoustic insulation and in the safety of your home.
The addition of a third internal gasket on the frame also protects against atmospheric agents and allows you to have essential comfort in your home.
Simple to assemble and maintenance-free, this system has a life cycle of over 50 years, keeping the characteristics of your windows unaltered against the action of time.


The THERMOFIBRA series has 3 stop gaskets.


The glasses used comply with the safety and insulation standards required by the legislation: Double-glazed safety (laminated) low-emission and Argon gas and glass with warm edge (Warm edge) as standard. Four-season glass (4S) as an option. The profiles ensure the insertion of triple-glazing for more insulating glass.

Glass thickness from 24 to 66 mm, mounted with structural gluing.

The THERMOFIBRA series uses glass fiber technology to strengthen and stiffen the door.


The perimeter shutter / tilt-and-turn hardware system (belt) of high quality standards is used, ensuring safety (anti-burglary and solidity), comfort in use and durability.


Air permeability: 4
Water tightness under static pressure: 9A
Wind load resistance: C3
(Test reports according to UNI EN 1026 \ 1027 \ 12211)
Thermal transmittance: Uw = 1.17 W / mqK
(The test was performed on a window with 2 sashes: L 1250 x H 1500 mm with glass value Ug = 1)



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